Xbmc library not updating movies

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Xbmc library not updating movies

This guide will help you store meta-data for your titles and view them in XBMC.

To store meta-data for your titles it requires that you have already imported or added your movie collection to the My Movies for Mac OS X application.

If you have not added your movies to your collection, you can point a title to a movie through the 'Disc/Tracks' tab in the 'Edit title' window or you can add folders through the 'Folder Import' function.

Titles must be stored in individual folders to be able to store meta-data. To store meta-data you must open My Movies for Mac OS X and open 'Preferences' from the top menu. In the 'Preferences' window select the 'Metadata' tab.

Through the movie library you can browse through your titles and start playback.

Media info view In the 'Movie Information', which is accessed from the menu or by clicking 'I' on the keyboard, you can you see the details of the title, start playback or view a trailer if one is available and change the art work.

I found this forum post which fixed it for my windows XBMC. Mesaages like: "unable to connect to remote server" "would you like to continue scanning" message on set content 'movies', or 'update library'.

I'm using Universal Movie Scraper which is set to "themoviedb.org" (not imdb which is apparently broken from reading other posts).

It’s fairly common that for one reason or another, xbmc users need to move their video library from one location to another.Introduction My Movies for Mac OS X gives you the option to store and maintain metadata about your titles to browse through your collection in another context.The My Movies for Mac OS X software can store and maintain meta-data so that you in XBMC can browse the collection you have created in My Movies.The only way to force XBMC to rehash the thumbnail is to remove the item from your library or to manually refresh the information for every file in your library through a series of remote/keyboard clicks, so it’s totally impractical for a large library.There are a lot of posts on the XBMC forums that involve using scripts to rehash the directory, but I couldn’t get any of these to work.

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The files added to the folders are: 'fanart.jpg', 'poster.jpg' and '.nfo'.

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